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We fuse flexibility, culture, and experience for complete multimedia localization solutions.

Flexible, Reliable Approach

We offer an innovative flexible approach where you can adjust the budget, time frame, and the number of involved team members of your project to perfectly meet your needs and expectations.

Real, Native Linguists

We at Noon believe in localization rather than only translation that’s why we adhere to interpret the culture behind the words. No automated translation. Our team is made up of over 120 experienced, native translators and voice-over specialists.

International Quality Standard

Rest assured your project is in good hands. We adopt the European quality standard ISO 17100:2015, which sets the quality standard for translation services.

Who we are?

NOON is a full-suite localization agency that provides a full spectrum of post-production services – from content translation to multimedia transcreation.

We specialize in bringing brands into new markets through translation, transcription, subtitling, dubbing, closed-captioning, and voice-over.

Our expertise covers almost all verticals and industries;
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Medical Translation Services
  • General Translation
  • Economy & Finance Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Ecommerce Translation
  • Document Translation Services
  • Media Content Localization
  • Software Localization
  • App Localization
  • Game Localization Services

NOON Stories

Peppa Has a New Voice Actress
Peppa Has a New Voice Actress

Though Fox’s Family Guy recently put an end to Peppa Pig in one of their episodes, the Peppa Pig family has big news for us:  Harley Bird steps down as the voice actress of Peppa Pig. How long has Harley Bird voiced Peppa Pig? Harley Bird has been the voice of the lovable pig character for 18 long years. “The people that work on Peppa Pig have become like a family to me and they’ve given me some unforgettable memories,” Bird said. She has been voicing the popular swine since she was five years old. Harley, now 18, appeared in a total of 185 episodes.

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What is Translation
What is Translation

Translation is the communication of meaning from one language (the source) to another language (the target). Translation refers to written information, whereas interpretation refers to spoken information. The purpose of translation is to convey the original tone and intent of a message, taking into account cultural and regional differences between source and target languages.

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